This national webinar series provides an opportunity to share knowledge; experiences and perspectives in support of collective efforts to strengthen Indigenous cultural safety in health and social services. 

We encourage you to participate in the webinar with other individuals and groups in your region to inspire shared learning in the context of your program area and community. If you are planning to attend as a member of a group, please register individually and use one group member’s access code to connect to the webinar.

National Indigenous Cultural Safety Webinars Videos

Framework to Culturally Safe

This webinar series is being developed collaboratively by the ICS Learning Series Advisory Council and working
group, which includes the following people :

- Vanessa Ambtman-Smith
- Lindsay Blackwell
- Ellen Blais
- Annette Browne
- Cheryl Currie
- Rain Daniels
- Tanya Davoren
- Alycia Fridkin

- Colleen Hart
- Donna Lyons
- Gertie Mai Muise
- Dennis McDermott
- Danielle Mitchell
- Vanessa Mitchell
- Jaime Morais

- Jenny Morgan
- Chris Mushquash
- Tara Nault
- Charlotte Reading
- Raven Sinclair
- Malcolm Steinberg
- Donna Smith-Sutherland

 - Diane Smylie
- Janet Smylie
- Jennifer St. Germain
- Brian Tucker
- Leslie Varley
- Leah Walker
- Cheryl Ward


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