About the Series


The Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) Learning Series is a webinar series focused on Indigenous cultural safety. 

It  is guided by an Advisory Circle of Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders from across Canada.

The ICS Learning Series is designed to provide a provincial, national and international platform to address a broad range of issues related to the ways in which Indigenous people experience and intersect with systems (i.e., healthcare, justice, education, and child welfare). While promoting interesting and relevant dialogue, the Series encourages critical thinking by bringing people together to consider social justice issues and engage in critical enquiry. The webinars are interactive by design and provide a much-needed space to address and navigate the complex nature of Indigenous specific racism and discrimination while also promoting advocacy and empowerment. 

Guest presenters are selected by Advisory Circle members, each of whom is a leader in their field.  Presenters are invited to provide insights into, and perspectives on a wide range of topics related to anti-Indigenous racism, discrimination and cultural safety. Each webinar is hosted online using a Zoom platform and audience members are encouraged to submit questions.  Some questions will be directly addressed by the speaker (as time allows) and others may be answered and posted subsequent to the webinar. 

Who Should Attend

Anyone who’s interested in increasing their understanding of cultural safety, enhancing their skills in addressing anti-Indigenous racism, and establishing positive relationships with Indigenous people. 

We encourage broad participation from people across disciplines and sectors (e.g., health, social services, justice, education) who work in varying capacities (e.g., students, professionals) with Indigenous people, families and/or communities.