The Case for Quality: Lessons, Legacies and Landmines

Quality and Learning are foundational to all service areas, yet there are subjective and varied understandings of quality and its dimensions. Typically organizations adopt principles which align with their vision and goals, yet fail to adequately address issues of racism, discrimination, and equity by embedding them in quality and learning. Jeanette Edwards and Cheryl Ward ask, "Why shouldn't racism, discrimination and equity be fundamental to all aspects of quality and safe service delivery?" In this session, they will explore the critical development and application of quality principles. ​   




The Case for Quality: Lessons, Legacies and Landmines


Cheryl Ward
Dr. Cheryl Ward
Namgis, Kwakwaka’wakw
Executive Director, Indigenous Health
Provincial Health Services Authority


Jeanette Edwards
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Prior to retiring in December, Jeanette was the Strategic Lead for Community Health, Quality and Learning and the Interim Provincial Indigenous Health Lead with the Shared Health in Manitoba.